The neck and body are made and finished. The neck and body are allowed to stabilise for at least 4 weeks after manufacturing. All other parts are ordered and checked before assembly begins.

Fret dress – after the 4 week stabilisation, each fret is checked for seating and adjusted if necessary, frets are levelled and profiled, fret ends are dressed, and the fretboard is dressed.

An intonation compensated Funky Nut is made from an oversize blank (cream or black Tusq XL), the slots are marked and an initial slot cutting is made.

Mounting holes for the tuners are drilled, and the tuners are aligned and fitted.

The strap buttons are fitted.

The neck is fitted to the body.

The bridge or trem is fitted, as well as the first set of strings. The nut slots are slowly refined to an exact specification, allowing for the customers playing style. The pickups can then be aligned and mounting holes drilled.

The first set of strings is discarded. The nut is “finessed” (carefully shaped and polished). The pickups and other electrical parts are fitted, and the wiring is finished off.

The 2D electroformed logo is applied to the headstock.

The guitar is restrung, and the truss rod, saddles, and pickups are adjust to the customer’s specification.

The guitar is very thoroughly tested (I really like this bit!).