Guitar Neck

Classical guitar with frets removed and slots cleaned up
Guitar Neck

Necks are made using state of the art CNC tooling. The fret placement accuracy this allows for makes for particularly excellent intonation.

There are lots of choices with the neck…

Strat and Tele headstocks are the most popular choices.

Nut width can be small,medium or wide, and the neck itself can be several profiles and depths.

Fret size and fretboard radius are very important factors in getting the right feel – there are quite a few to choose from!

The woods chosen for the neck and fretboard, have a major impact on the tone of the finished guitar. Unless you want to flame or birdseye maple, I would strongly recommend quarter-sawn roasted maple, with either a matching board, or a contrasting one. The quarter-sawn grain orientation allows for a more stable, and stiffer neck. Due to the roasting process, no finish is required, which gives a super smooth feel.