A few frequently asked questions, with their answers. If you have any not found here, please contact me via the numbers and links above, or send a message here.

Do you offer set neck guitars?
No, but it’s a good question. In my experience, bolt on neck guitars (and basses) have more to recommend them than set neck instruments. The glue between the neck and body could reduce the vibrational energy transfer, whereas the neck screws could increase this, as they penetrate both neck and body. In addition, string alignment can be achieved more accurately with a bolt on neck.
Why stainless steel frets?
Compared to nickel silver fret wire (as used by Fender, Gibson etc), stainless steel offers significantly longer life, as well as a smoother feel when bending and during vibrato. Given that it is much more difficult to install than NS wire, it is easy to see why most manufacturers (and many Luthiers) don’t offer stainless steel frets.
What size frets are best?
If you play mostly rhythm and don’t bend strings much, then you might choose a fairly low wire (2mm wide, 1.1mm high). This will feel smooth when sliding up and down the neck, and will reduce note sharpening if pressing on too hard. If you play a lot of lead, and want easy vibrato and bending then a fatter, taller wire would be best (2.75mm wide, 1.3mm high) Or even bigger (3mm wide, 1.45mm high). Care will be needed to avoid excess pressure, which would cause note to be sharp.
Do you make basses?
4 and 5 string basses are available, in several body styles. The same quality and attention to detail goes into every bespoke guitar or bass.
How about 12 string guitars?
12 strings guitars are available, and use the clever Gotoh Hardtail Bridge.
Do you make acoustic guitars?
No acoustics, but one of the design ideas might interest acoustic players wanting an electric guitar designed for finger picking...
What is the finish?
A very thin (about 0.01”...about the same thickness as the top E string on an electric guitar) polyurethane finish is used. This is very resistant to chemical reactions (e.g. with guitar stands and leather straps), and is available in gloss or satin.
What about gold plated parts?
These are available in most instances, but please be aware that the gold plating can wear off quite quickly. This is because gold is very soft compared to chrome plating. I recommend chrome plated parts in combination with stainless steel screws (where applicable).
Is there a case included?
The superb Hiscox case is included. Made in the UK, these are very light, incredibly strong, and just the business.