Guitar Body

Bodies are made using state of the art CNC tooling. This allows for excellent accuracy in the placement of mounting holes for bridges and trems. (Very important, especially for certain trems e.g.Floyd Rose)

Bodies can be solid or chambered, in Strat, Tele, or Soloist designs. The wood choices are many and varied, but most popular would be Alder or Ash, both of which can be ordered in roasted form. (This makes the wood lighter in weight, and increases the resonance) Roasted woods are darker in colour, so some thought must be given to the choice of finish.

Pickup configurations are almost unlimited – from single pickup Esquire style, to three pickup types, giving lots of fun possibilities for custom and versatile wiring designs.

Most bridges (and trems) can be accommodated.

Binding is an attractive option, particularly on Tele designs.

For those after a rock machine, a smaller (Soloist) body size is available, in either flat or carved top varieties.